ra= hello Maria o Nelsy

Areacd section:

Mantenimiento de la propiedad
Log Files
seeppt.m   % See Properties
seeppt_cus.m    See Cus Properties
seeppt_maria.m    See Maria Properties
seeppt_maria_clear.m    Clear Maria Properties
see counter_maria_next.m    Next Property Number
areacd1.m % Mantenimiento de codigo
upcust.m    Update animals sort
search1.m    % & Sort by Item Code
seeppt_animals.m    % & See animals Properties
search_x.m    % & set pw
seeani.m    % & see animals

Error Check Section:

price_check.m    % & precio X
search_maria.m    % & Check for Maria
Attraction section:
Clear File - needs removal of exit: Attraction load
Edit attraction: Edit Attraction -- Edit Attraction action
See attraction Zones Only /fb/seeatt.m
See attraction All records /fb/seeatt_all.m
Use edit7 to See final attraction file: /edit7.m

Inglis translation section:

Step1 : /trans/trans_1.m
Step22 : /trans/trans_2.m
Step33 : /see_es_en_animals.m

Status section:

(seelogs.m)Report Last Six days of logs, takes a while to start:

Bait section:

Process bait file: (bait1.m)
Look at Bait002.htm: (bait002.htm)
Process bait file_en: (bait1_en.m)
Look at Bait_en002.htm: (bait_en002.htm)

Area Code Section:

See areacd_new.m: (seeore.m)

move area cd (mvareacd.m)

Farmers Market section:

Go to Farmers Market

FM -Startup:

cash register